Lay-Leader Preaching Coach Package
My new Lay-Leader Preaching Coach Package is especially designed for the layman. Do you have leaders in your church who
occasionally speak for you? Are there those you are training to be teachers and preachers? Do you wish you had more time to
devote to training your "second-string" speakers? If so, then my
Lay-Leader Preaching Coach Package will be an invaluable
resource. This package includes:

2. A one hour and fifteen minute phone session to discus strengths, weaknesses, and to make specific suggestions designed for
maximum results. In addition to this, your leader will get an overview of the most important principles of hermeneutics that insure a
solid interpretation of the scriptures.

3. A written report for their records.

Cost: $120.00
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Personal Preaching Coach
I can help poor speakers become good speakers, good speakers become great speakers, and I can help great speakers
become better still. Even if you've taken homiletics in Bible college or seminary, or have been preaching for years...there's always
room for improvement.

Personal Preaching Coach package includes:

1. An evaluation of three sermons.
2. A one hour phone appointment to go over my observations and suggestions.
3. A written report for you files.

Cost: $120.00
If you have any questions contact me, if not, simply click the Buy Now button and after completing your payment you will
be taken to a page on my website with more instructions9
Better Sermons in Less Time
The Small Church Pastor Better Sermons In Less Time Workbook was developed to save you time. You understand the challenge
of attempting to balance family time, personal time, and church time. Whether you minister full time or part time you still feel like
there’s never enough time in your week to address everything that needs your attention. The Small Church Pastor
Better Sermons
In Less Time
Workbook was created with you in mind.

This workbook will show you how to cut 30% of your sermon preparation time without compromising the quality of your message.
In fact, I believe the step by step process outlined in this workbook will actually produce higher quality sermons in less time.

Are you ready to save time and preach better sermons?

Cost: $12.00
My Best Leadership Training Curriculum

After almost 30 years of pastoring and training leaders I’ve identified my top leadership training lessons and have put them together
into one convenient package. You have in your hands 13 lessons that you could use with almost no prep time on your part. The
group discussion questions included in each teaching  insure a lively interaction between you and your leaders drawing out of
them additional insight and ideas. Although this series is “ready to go” you will want to add your own touch to each lesson making it
even more personal and applicable to your team and church.
My Best Holiday Messages
Coming up with new holiday sermons year after year is always a challenge. I've bundled together my best holiday messages in one
neat package (actually a zip file) that you will receive immediately after placing your order. These notes will be delivered to your inbox as
Word files ready for you to modify and use.
My Best Holiday Messages include:

6 Christmas sermons, four of which are a four part series you can use during the first four weeks of December, or as stand alone
6 Easter sermons
1 Mothers Day sermon
1 Thanksgiving sermon
1 New Years sermon

That's 15 outlines for only

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Small Church Pastor
Coaching, Consulting, and Resources for Pastors of Smaller Churches.
Resources That Work
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Want to take a look at a brief description of each lesson?   Go here..
Cost: $30.00
Better Pastoring in Less Time Workbook

Having interacted with hundreds of pastors in North America and around the world I have observed that most of those in the ministry
are too busy. There is simply little time for the care of their souls and the care of their families.  Because of this many pastors feel tired,
stressed, and spiritually dry.

Better Pastoring in Less Time Workbook is a program designed to help you identify what you should be giving your time to versus
what you are giving your time to. This simple five step process will help you reduce your commitments and increase your effectiveness.
It’s actually possible to be a better pastor in less time.

Have you ever wondered if you’re doing what you should be doing with your time? Do you feel like you work too much and accomplish
so little? Do you wish you had more time for family, leisure, and soul-care? Do you struggle with prioritizing, procrastination,
organization, follow up, and keeping on top of your commitments? If so, then my  
Better Pastoring in Less Time Workbook could
possibly change your life, and your church.  

Cost: $25.00

I've spoken to hundreds of pastors since Small Church Pastor began at the end of 2006. Recently more and more have expressed an
interest in developing their own skills in coaching. Because of this I've narrowed all of the essentials of coaching down to four one hour
phone sessions.

Whether you're interested in coaching as a pastoral skill or a possible vocation, this four hour course will give you all you need to get

With COACH! you will learn:

  • How coaching is different from discipleship, pastoring, therapy, mentoring, consulting, pastoral counseling, teaching, and spiritual
  • Why coaching is so powerful in bringing about change in others.
  • How to listen effectively.
  • How to ask great questions.
  • A systematic method of taking people from where they are to where they want to be.
  • How to get started in a coaching ministry or vocation.

Cost: $240.00

After making your purchase I will contact you at the email you provided when ordering and we'll arrange our first call. If you have any
questions simply email me at:
Small Group Leader Training
Especially designed for:

  • A one day, three hour seminar to train your current small group leaders, or
  • A one day, three hour seminar for those interested in leading a small group. This is a great way to
    discover new leaders, or
  • A combination of number one and number two, or
  • A one-on-one training spread out over a few meetings.

In this training you'll cover:

    -Why this seminar?                                               - Biblical basis for small groups
    -Define small groups                                             -Why we believe in small groups
    -The different kinds of small groups                   -Signs of a healthy small group
    -The leaders role in a small group                      -How to plan and lead a small group
    -How to ask good questions                                 -Dealing with difficult people
    -Using your group in outreach

Cost: $15.00
Men's Discipleship: a Curriculum for Busy Pastors
Especially designed for one-on-one discipleship, mens' group, men's retreat.

Five lessons (Word doc) that cover:

  • Becoming a man of prayer
  • Becoming a man of the word
  • Becoming a man of humility
  • Becoming a man of ministry
  • Becoming a man who honors women

Cost: $15.00                         Want more details?

Dave's 6 Board Training Modules

After almost 30 years of pastoring and now 6 years into coaching full-time, one of my observations has been
that there is a great lack of training materials specifically designed for church boards. Whether you call your
“board” a board, a pastoral team, a board of directors, and elders board, a session, or counsel, my “church
board training modules” was designed specifically for you and your board.

Each of the modules focus on the most practical topics that a pastor and his team have to deal with as a board.
I have condensed each module so that they can easily fit into a one hour conference call. Each module costs
only $60, making it affordable for any size church. You are responsible for arranging a conference call and any
costs associated with it. After the call you will be sent my module notes to refer to, and pass on to your team
should you desire.
Check out my 6 modules here.